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University of Toronto


I've been there international visiting graduate student for four months and had access to full graduate courses and seminars at UofT. I particularly recommend UofT and the Canadian university system in general. It couples relatively low fees (bearable through our resources) and high quality research and teaching.


Orlando Scarcello


University of Toronto

During the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to spend three months at the University of Toronto. It was an amazing and intellectually enriching period. Not only I had the chance to use the excellent physical and digital resources of the U of T, but mainly I could present my research project to many people and hear their comments and suggestions about it. In particular, I met Prof. Malcolm Thorburn, who was my supervisor there, Prof. Markus D. Dubber, and Prof. Vincent Chiao. They criticized some of my ideas, supported others, and gave me interesting insights to continue my research from different perspectives. The third and last chapter of my thesis is, in a large part, inspired by the conversations I had with them. I want to thank them again for their availability and for their brilliant ideas!

Filippo Venturi