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Course description

During the first year, PhD students are required to attend 120 hours of in class training on methodological, curricular, and interdisciplinary courses. They are also involved in seminars, workshops, conferences and in research activities offered for the community of doctoral researchers in law.      

During the second year, the requirement for in class training reduces to 80 hours, since students are expected to be working primarily on the dissertation, in close collaboration with their supervisor.

The third year is devoted to refining the thesis, to be discussed within two months from the end of the program.

The vast majority of the courses offered are taught in English.

During alternatively the second or third year, students are required - as noted above - to undergo a 3 to 6-month research period aboard, as a visiting scholar at one prominent foreign University or center deemed relevant for their PhD project.   

Publication requirements amount to at least one scientific contribution to an Italian or foreign journal over the first year and two over the second year.

All information contained in the current section is descriptive and intended for merely illustrative purposes. It may not correspond to the actual requirements and conditions offered.

Such information is set by the "Call for Admissions" and the "Attachment I to the Regulation of the Academic Activities of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna", and it might change over time without any further notice to be expected in this section of the website.

In no case the information here provided is to be deemed official nor binding for the University.