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Copenhagen University

I spent a research period based at the Copenhagen Business School, under the auspices of the Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy.

The possibility of developing a part of my Ph.D. thesis in such a cosmopolitan center was greatly beneficial both for my academic and personal experiences. Getting to know new places, new people and new work environments is an enriching experience in many levels.

One aspect of it that I truly appreciated and that I'd like to highlight was the process of acknowledging that Sant'Anna itself offers all that, with the bonus of being a very cozy environment located in the beautiful Tuscany region.

Guilherme Pratti Dos Santos Magioli 

It was an immense pleasure for me to be part of the CECS (Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies) community at the University of Copenhagen. This experience gave me the rare opportunity to become acquainted with different ways of thinking, to discover theories I thought were very far from me, and to overcome the conceptual issues I was struggling with the most in my research. Being surrounded by outstanding experts in the field of disaster displacement allowed me to gather helpful insights and to go into deep conversations on my research topics.

Chiara Scissa