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École Normale Supérieure de Paris

I spent there a visiting period from the 1st December 2016 to 31st January 2017. Under the supervision of Professor Jean-Louis Halpérin, I conducted research on the French case-law concerning pharmaceutical product liability.

Andrea Parziale

Institut de Recherche Juridique de la Sorbonne at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

I was there as a visiting doctoral candidate from 2nd May to 31st July 2018. Under the supervision of Professor Patrice Jourdain, he researched the French indemnisation mechanisms for medical and pharmaceutical-related accidents.

Andrea Parziale

L'École de droit de Sciences Po.

I am spending my visiting period abroad à l'École de droit de Sciences Po. Besides the attentive guidance of the professor who supervises my work here, I am in a stimulating academic environment. Group activities, seminars, and workshops run weekly. They are an invaluable opportunity to improve research projects and receive advice, new insights, and critiques. The various departments of the university are very interconnected that it is effortless to come into contact with scholars who have similar research interests and are from different backgrounds. Regarding my field of study, European and international law, and their concern for climate change, Sciences Po is very active in research. Ultimately, the law school has a rich library and a comfortable and open working place. 

Michela Biscosi

Université de Toulon, Centre de droit et de politique compares Jean-Claude Escarras

I spent 3 months abroad at the Centre de droit et de politique compares Jean-Claude Escarras in Toulon. I found there a welcoming research environment, which allowed me to advance considerably with my thesis. It was possible there to benefit from an excellent research library, full of books and materials both from Italian and French literature. The comparatist approach typical of the Center has greatly enriched my research work

Giammaria Gotti