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Amsterdam Centre for Europe Law and Governance (ACELG) - University of Amsterdam

Vibrant research environment with top-class academic staff. International law and EU law are equally covered. My supervisor was Dr Daniela Obradovic. Visiting students are assigned a workspace and can access the online research facilities. Very helpful administrative staff. Unlimited access to printers and coffee stations. Seminars are held on a weekly basis by in-house academics, PhD students, and guest lecturers. Visiting PhD may present their research before the faculty and are encouraged to engage with the research community. No fees are required

Pierluigi Cuccuru




eLaw-Center for Law and Digital Technologies, University of Leiden

When you go to Leiden for relatively shorter period of time (I went for three months), you have to expect a nightmare trying to find an accommodation. Sine Leiden is a student city, accommodation is scarce. Nobody wants to rent a flat/room for such a short period of time.  Many of the accommodation search pages on Facebook that are created to help students are not that helpful. They are full of scammers that would try to get you to pay money before you even visit the flat/room. I know students who have paid money to a scammers. I have exposed three scammers publically and have been threatened by one. So watch out for these things.
Start accommodation search well in advance of your visit. If possible, book a flight only to look for suitable accommodation.
At Center for Law and Digital Technologies, you will be considered as staff member. You will get your staff ID card which will give you access to the library and office building. You may not get your own office but you will have access to shared working space and a computer.
At eLaw, you will be expected to attend seminars and present your work to other staff members. You and your supervisor will have meetings to discuss your thesis. Staffs are generally open and welcoming. Most of the meetings and seminars are conducted while eating sandwiches. Thus, expect lots of Dutch Sandwiches. Forget about Italian food.
Leiden is a beautiful city full of canals. Enjoy riding bikes, anywhere in the city.

Asress Adimi Gikay