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On the 9th of July, in the afternoon, the CIR team held a webinar on 'interlegal balancing'. 

The webinar was devoted to the discussion of Gabriel Encinas' CIR working paper on the subject matter. After his presentation, Dr Orlando Scarcello provided some comments and suggestions. 

Alla ricerca dell'empatia artificiale:la Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna e le nuove frontiere della tecnologia - Seeking for Emotional Artificial Intelligence: Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and the new frontiers of technology.


Il Corriere della Sera Innovazione affronta il tema dell'Empatia Artificiale grazie al prezioso contributo di Andrea Bertolini, Professore di Diritto Privato alla Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. 


Ceci n'est pas un paper 2019 - second session


Colonial roots of International law, the conceptualization of the Rule of Law in the European Union accession, the undercover agent in criminal law...these are the topics we've discussed today for the second session of the "Ceci n'est pas un paper"! 

Ceci n'est pas un paper - First session


Governance and blockchains, evaluation of public policies, the international debate on water (human right or a commodity?)...these are the topics we've discussed today!