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PON 2021-2022





Ludovica Sposini graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Pisa in May 2021, discussing a thesis in European private law focused on the evolution of the figure of the consumer, using a comparative view between Europe and the United States of America.

During her undergraduate career, she carried out the advance legal practice at the law firm of the President of the Bar Association of Pisa and at the State District Attorney’s Office in Florence, gaining professional experience into both civil and criminal matters.

In addition, from October 2020 to May 2021 she was an Academic Tutor at the University of Pisa.

After graduation, she attended the Summer School “The Regulation of Robotics & AI in Europe: legal, ethical and economic implication” at the Sant’Anna School, the one in “International Business and Digital Law” at Bocconi University and another one in “Cyberlaw” at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Currently, she is a member of ELI – European Law Institute and holds the position of Mentorship at IOM – Internal Organisation for Migration supported by the Italian Ministry of Interior.

Her PhD project aims at investigating the impact of new technologies on traditional legal categories, with the intention of affirming their inadequacy with the purpose of protecting the digital user, with a specific focus on b2B relationships.



Antonio graduated cum laude and special mention in Law at the Luiss University of Rome in March 2020, defending a thesis in Criminal Law under the title "Imputability, an institution in the balance between positive law and scientific knowledge". During his undergraduate career, he took part in volunteer activities at Rebibbia Prison, where he worked as a didactic tutor for inmates enrolled in the Faculty of Law. He has been a member of the municipal council of his hometown since 2019.

He is admitted in the register of trainee lawyers in Rome and he completed his legal practice at the State General Attorney’s Office, the Avvocatura Generale dello Stato. In the meantime, he also carried out an internship at the Third Criminal Section of the Supreme Court, dealing mainly with environmental and sexual offenses.

He is "cultore della materia" in Criminal Law and he collaborates as a Professor’s assistant on the chair of Criminal Law of Luiss University.

His Ph.D. proposal is on ecocide and new frontiers for the legal protection of the planet.