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United States of America

Environmental Law Institute

My name is Imad Antoine Ibrahim. I am currently a PhD candidate in Law at Sant’ Anna school of Advanced Studies. I have Master in European Interdisciplinary studies from the College of Europe and a Bachelor of Law from the Lebanese University. I am currently involved in several international projects while I was also involved in previous projects and expected to be involved in new projects in the near future. At Sant’Anna, I am mainly focusing on the law of transboundary aquifers and is relation to the human right to water. Sant’Anna’s has a great international approach through which it seeks to further develop the expertise of the researchers working there and broaden their perspectives. Undertaking research at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington D.C. on water projects that constitute the basis of the international water program such as implementation and enforcement of water laws in Africa; improving the environmental rule of law; and defining water tenure. I choose that destination because of the focus of the instate on a wide range of issues related to environmental law.The constant interaction with the different international water lawyers at the institute is providing with great feedback on the research I am conducting, and which related to my phd project. 

Imad Antoine Ibrahim



Harvard University

I came to Sant' Anna to do a PhD in law after ten years of professional experience in legal and political practice of South East Europe. Most of my work is in the field of comparative and international law and theory with a focus on anti-corruption campaigns. I am spending my research stay at the Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I choose this destination because this is where I did my LL.M. so I was familiar with it before but also because of superior access to academic resources. This stay is to help me with my research on the topics that interest me. What is very helpful for me is a large number of specialist courses, for example, on corruption, that help me deepen my perspectives in this area. There are some similarities between the learning experience, for example the courses in comparative law follow much of the literature that we have worked with at Sant'Anna. I am grateful to the Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies and the DIRPOLIS Institute staff for supporting me in coming here. I hope that this could lead to a better academic exchange between Sant'Anna and the US law schools and universities. The university is meeting my expectations, but Boston is rather expensive and cold and the quality of life that you have as a PhD student in Italy is far greater.

Nedim Hogic 




New York University Law School Library

I've been there for two month and had access to NYU's library resources and to faculty's seminars and workshops.

Orlando Scarcello


Yale Law School

I spent my research period abroad at Yale Law School (New Haven, CT, USA), where I also obtained my LL.M. in Law. Throughout my experience at Yale, I had the chance to address some relevant aspects involving the regulation of emerging technologies and consumer protection from a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective: amongst the activities I conducted, I attended the course “Regulation of Emerging Technologies” held by Prof. Jerry Mashaw and – as a Resident Fellow at the Information Society Project – I collaborated and participated in the course on “Law and Artificial Intelligence” held by Prof. Jack Balkin. During my stay at Yale, I also strengthened my methodological background, by attending courses on Behavioral Law&Economics (Prof. Christine Jolls) and Experimental Jurisprudence (Prof. Joshua Knobe): these courses provided me significant knowledge in the field of empirical and experimental legal research, that I later applied in my PhD Thesis.

Antonio Davola



 University of Wisconsin Madison 

 My study abroad experience in University of Wisconsin Madison has been marred by the unexpected CIVID 19 pandemic that has been swallowed the whole world now. Yet, I must confess that I have gained the maximum benefit I could from this period as my academic host Prof. Sumudu Attapatu has been extremely kind to offering some great chances. As an example, during this period I was able to complete one chapter of my dissertation and also the library resources at University of Wisconsin Madison Law School really helped me to gather the adequate literature which I could not find from the library at Sant Anna. Besides, focusing on my research, I was given an opportunity to read a paper on the idea of protectorate in 19th century international law at the South Asian legal studies group in Madison law school, where I received lots of constructive remarks . Also, before university got closed down, I attended couple of lectures on the first amendment to the US constitution and it really helped me to get a coherent idea of the US constitutional history. 




Fordham Law School, New York 

I was a Visiting Researcher at Fordham Law School in New York City from September 2022 to April 2023. During my time at Fordham, I had the opportunity to attend different courses and seminars and engage with professors and fellow students. Additionally, I had access to the extensive resources of Fordham University’s library, where I found abundant material to support my research on how artificial intelligence is transforming the criminal justice system.

Furthermore, being in New York allowed me to attend numerous stimulating and enriching seminars and events at other universities, such as Columbia and NYU. It was an exceptional experience. Not only did I make significant progress with my PhD thesis, but more importantly, I embraced a different approach to research and teaching. I also expanded my academic network, meeting many researchers with brilliant ideas.